About Us​

is a family owned and operated business that captures restaurant customers attention by featuring community supported local businesses with our proven “TableAds®” in-restaurant table topper marketing.
We partner with locally owned and popular restaurants to provide them with custom tables featuring local business advertising. We work with our sales team and our clients to offer an incredibly unique and affordable community support advertising opportunity.
As a result, our marketing processes will increase your customer count. The advertisers on your tables will certainly frequent your restaurant and they will also tell their customers about your restaurant too. It is a win-win opportunity for the restaurant, the advertisers, and your customers.
Our tables are made from the finest laminate and our team of professional installers bring the magic and professionalism that has make Jenifer Enterprises one of the best Marketing opportunities anywhere.
Our unique tables and the local advertiser are showcased for 2 years, then we return with new tables and new advertisers. Since we believe in community, we gift the old tables to our advertisers.
Thank you again for the opportunity to get your customers table-talking about your restaurant and the local advertisers featured on your tables. We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our “TableAds®” tables and the local advertisers within your Restaurant, so give us a call, and let’s get the table-talking going.